Werner Labs Incorporated is a small business engaged in the design, development, and manufacture of electronic products.

Werner Labs was incorporated in 1988 and has developed many fine electronic products, both for commercial and government applications. We support the OEM community with consulting, prototype, and small quantity production services.

Should you have need for development services for an electronic product in the areas of RF, data acquisition, embedded processor, or test equipment, please Contact Us.

In addition, we offer a few products directly. Our EMWIN system and components are available through PayPal, see "Our Store" in the EMWIN section.Both the existing and the new GOES-N systems are supported. IMPORTANT INFORMATION is now available in the EMWIN section concerning satellite switchover, please look there!

Our most recent product is a small portable terminal for use with the Iridium SBD network. It enables people to send and receive e-mail anywhere in the world via the Iridium satellites.

For application at NOAA Weather Radio, and elsewhere, we, along with Hytek Limited, have developed a digital sub-channel system that can be used to transmit a text message. This is done without interference to the existing voice channel on narrow band FM transmitters.

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