Werner Labs and EMWIN (Emergency Managers Weather Information Network)
---------- Major announcement! ---------- The GOES West switchover from GOES 11 to GOES 15 has occurred. The old receiver will no longer work on either GOES East or West, a "GOES-N" version will be needed.

We have equipment for the GOES-N format, and have begun shipping. Visit our store or, Contact Us. for your EMWIN needs.

EMWIN is a service of NOAA and is delivered via satellite, or Internet. It is the direct-from-satellite hardware that is available here. EMWIN is received from GOES East or GOES West satellites - currently using GOES 13 and 15. GOES 14 has been placed into orbit as well, but has not yet been put into service.

With the activation of GOES 13/15 at GOES East/West, there are now two downlink formats. The legacy format, at 9600 baud, is still in use by GOES 12 at 60 degrees for those can 'see' it, and the new format (GOES-N) at 19,200 baud is used by both GOES East and West. It is unknown how long GOES 12 will remain active.

Werner Labs has developed a dual-mode receiver for this new format, that also works with the old. Thus, it can be used to receive any of the current satellites. For pricing and purchasing information, please go to Our Store.

For more information on EMWIN and its future, please download our EMWIN brochure from our File Downloads section. If you have questions about using out receiver with other systems, hardware/software issues, etc. please see FAQ's.

Acquisition Flexibility
The Werner Labs EMWIN dual-mode receiver may be acquired either as a complete system, or as components. Thus, users already equipped with a legacy EMWIN system, may upgrade to the new format by buying only those pieces that are needed. The design philosophy of the Werner Labs EMWIN system is to make it as compatible as possible with legacy hardware and software. See the description of the individual units for more details.

For your new system, you may need to upgrade your PC to handle the software signal demodulator. Our recommendation is for at least a 1GHz CPU, AC97 compatible sound card, WindowsXP ®, and Weather Message ® software (version 3.5 or later). (Preliminary testing with Win7® indicates that this works, also, but with a few minor glitches.)

If you desire additional information on our EMWIN offerings, please Contact Us.

** - To support Beta testing, NOAA had made available in the Spring of 2007 a signal on GOES 10 that used the new 19,200 baud format at 1691.4MHz. It provided the same EMWIN information as GOES East & West plus radar plots. GOES 10 has now been de-activated.

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